About Us

The Faculty of Education was founded under the name of “Artvin Eğitim Fakültesi” (Artvin Faculty of Education) under Karadeniz Technical University (henceforth KTU) by the decree of the Council of Ministers on 30 May 2002. Having carried out its academic activities as a subject of KTU for 5 years, it became one of the original faculties of newly-founded Artvin Coruh University (henceforth ACU) which was founded by the Law No 5662, enacted on May 28th, 2007.

In initial years of the ACU Faculty of Education, there was only Department of Primary Education including undergraduate programs, i.e. Classroom Education, Science Education, Primary Mathematics Education, Social Sciences Education and Preshool Education. It was 2003 when first incoming students were accepted in the Primary Education program. Over years, freshman students were enrolled in the Science Education program in 2009 while the Social Sciences undergraduate program accepted its first incoming students in 2011. It was 2014 when first freshman students enrolled in the Primary Mathematics program.

The Department of Turkish Education (including undergraduate program in Turkish Education) was founded under the Faculty of Education with the approval of the Higher Education Council (henceforth YÖK) on March 3rd, 2010 as a consequence of the ACU Senate proposal (made in 2010) for establishing new departments and undergraduate programs submitted to YÖK. The undergraduate program in Turkish Education has been accepting incoming students since 2013.